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Meet Our Qualified Flexologists


Proudly South African. Driven by Laughter, love and caring for people. My motto is the cure for everything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea. My background includes Human Movement Science and Pilates amongst other things. Lastly, there is always time for a good book and music.


I have been part of the fitness and wellness industry for almost 12 years, working as a personal trainer. My background includes a degree in physical therapy and my passion and speciality lies in muscle imbalance and postural correction.



A movement specialist certified in the Biomechanics Method. Empowering you to be flexible, move better and really realize your mobility potential!

With an exercise science background, worked with various sports teams and World Rugby as an accredited medic and in injury management. When not geeking about books, existentialism and extreme sports; I’m always sharing great laughs and good vibes✨

I believe that self-awareness is not only mental but most importantly physical. Yalla let’s get you flexible!😊✌️



Half Egyptian, half Finnish. Dubai is home – born and raised!

Holistic Nutrition Coach. Nothing brings me more happiness than helping people heal. Currently also a Naturopathic Medicine & Nutrition student following my dreams 🙂

With a background in Crossfit, weightlifting and mobility movement, I admire anything related to getting your body MOVING! So, yallah, let’s get to work 😉



A fitness professional with a bachelors degree in sports and conditioning. More than five years of experience with professional and Olympic athletes improving their flexibility, mobility and enhancing their performance. His experience allowed him to work with adults and children from all type of backgrounds. Uncover your true potential and ease your mind from everyday stress with stretching!


Anj, an all smiles and super happy nursing professional with more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry. “As a specialist in human movement, encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle is my passion. Dancing and food, they give me life. Yalla, let’s be mobile… let’s move better!”



An experienced Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer. My background is mainly in health and fitness as well as athletic performance training, with over 10 years of certification and experience in the field. Flexibility and mobility have always proven to be one of the biggest factors in my extensive practice – working with people of all fitness goals; from amateurs who are new to fitness, those who want to manage their weight, building muscles, to training high performance athletes.

My mission in life is to help people reach and achieve optimal health and wellness. Fitness is not just a goal but a lifestyle. Yalla, let’s stretch!



Enthusiastic about mobility and a healthy society.

A qualified Physio, experienced in neuro-musculoskeletal field with a passion in improving mobility, flexibility and physical capabilities. I take pride in touching people’s lives positively.

Come in for a stretch and unlock the new you!!!