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Meet Our Qualified Flexologists


Proudly South African. Driven by Laughter, love and caring for people. My motto is the cure for everything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea. My background includes Human Movement Science and Pilates amongst other things. Lastly, there is always time for a good book and music.


Uncover your true potential, find your own limits and then just blow past them. Remember, age is only a limitation you put on your mind. Let’s stretch!


Swedish born and raised, Holistic Health Coach and Level 3 Personal Trainer. Goals in life are to laugh often (not only at my own jokes), pet as many animals as possible and do my upmost to help you be the best version of yourself. Positive vibes only!


I have been part of the fitness and wellness industry for almost 12 years, working as a personal trainer. My background includes a degree in physical therapy and my passion and speciality lies in muscle imbalance and postural correction.


When she’s not using her exercise physiology expertise to improve human performance you can find Claire reading witty motivational books while snacking on extra dark chocolate, dancing to K-pop, trying to understand Formula 1 and occasionally she exists in a sci-fi world with her superhero comic book friends.


“Movement is medicine”, “Food is medicine” – Two quotes that I always live by! With a passion for nutrition, gut health, fitness, while encouraging and guiding people around me to lead a healthy lifestyle is what brings me happiness! As for my background, I’m a half Finnish, half Egyptian. Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting movements are what I dedicate a lot of my time too. There is nothing more amazing than feeling strong, healthy, and energized!



A fitness professional with a bachelors degree in sports and conditioning. More than five years of experience with professional and Olympic athletes improving their flexibility, mobility and enhancing their performance. His experience allowed him to work with adults and children from all type of backgrounds. Uncover your true potential and ease your mind from everyday stress with stretching!